How to keep a figure at pregnancy: useful tips

How to keep a figure at pregnancy: useful tips

On what do advise to concentrate nutritionists when give advice to persons interested to lose weight? On physical activity and food. It is necessary to pay attention to the same moments and to pregnant women to keep a figure. Naturally, physical activity and the use of products will differ in this case.

During pregnancy of a diet for weight reduction are forbidden. Emphasis is placed only on the balanced food.

Rules of food during pregnancy

The pregnant woman surely has to have a presence at a diet of fish, meat, grain, vegetables and fruit, dairy products. Until pregnancy reached a point of 20 weeks, future mom has to consume about 2500 kcal, after – 2800 kcal. At the expense of what does food caloric content decrease? By means of an exception of unnecessary products – sweets and flour products.

To pregnant women to control a set of weight very difficult. At this time the appetite amplifies. Frequent consumption of food can help with small quantities. It is necessary not to overeat, chew slowly, listening to feeling of saturation. It is desirable to have near at hand nuts, carrots, apples, dried fruits. They are useful and help to satisfy appetite.

Physical activity during pregnancy

Need of daily walks for future mothers is not even discussed. An atmospheric precipitation should not become a hindrance. The main thing to put on according to weather and to walk where air is purer. How still to increase physical activity without harm for a fruit:

  • To continue to do household chores. Pregnancy – not a disease. It is not forbidden to remove, erase and carry out household chores. If there are only no special instructions of the doctor that happens at threat of an abortion.
  • Active holiday. Classes dances is an excellent method of maintaining symmetry. Besides, pregnant women can visit bowling, the pool, tennis, to go to the nature with friends.
  • Physical classes. There are special groups for pregnant women. Classes in them are designed for the women expecting the child. Performance of breathing exercises, simple yogovsky asanas is independently allowed.

The basic rule is at any indispositions to stop excessive activity and to see a doctor. It is even better to visit the expert and to specify the permissible load.

Also the bandage for pregnant women will help to keep a figure. This special adaptation promotes maintenance of a stomach and reduces load of joints and a backbone. Regular carrying a bandage keeps skin of elastic and does not allow to be formed to extensions.

One more means for acceleration of a metabolism – a contrast shower. After it it is desirable to pound area of hips and a breast a towel. It will strengthen blood circulation and will become excellent means from extensions. It is useful to grease after this procedure a body with the moistening means.

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