How to keep breastfeeding

How to keep breastfeeding

Many mummies try to keep breastfeeding as long as possible. They know that from that, how long the kid drinks maternal milk, his immunity directly depends further. Therefore even if it seems that the baby lacks maternal milk, it is better to leave the mixed feeding, than to pass completely to artificial mixes.


1. That development of milk was established, within the first 30 hours after the birth of the child pay as much as possible attention to feeding by a breast. Control the correct applying that the child captured all to a breast aura. In case of need help the baby, holding a nipple. You spend with the kid much time during this period. You hold the child 2 minutes at each breast, thus shift him to 12 times for all feeding. It will allow the child to receive the fattest and useful milk from a breast which in 2 minutes manages to gather while he sucks other breast.

2. Drink as much as possible liquid. Milk and kefir, tea and broths of herbs, natural juice and compotes have good effect on increase in a lactation. Control the content of sugar in your drink. The excess amount of sweet will entail increase in weight. Have tea (better green) with addition of milk.

3. You feed the child at night not less than 3 times. It will help to increase amount of the arriving milk.

4. To keep breastfeeding, have as long as possible a rest. Charge the most part of houseworks to close relatives. Charge walks with the kid sleeping in a carriage to the father. Until he walks down the street, have a sleep one or one and a half hours. The dream is extremely necessary for stay of milk. Establish with the father of the baby sequence of rising to the child at night.

5. Walk before going to bed within an hour in the fresh air.

6. Massage a breast. By fingers do the strokings directed to the center of a nipple. You irritate with it chest receptors, they begin to develop milk. As soon as there are milk droplets – begin to feed the child.

7. Do not give to the kid a small bottle with a pacifier even to give to drink him boiled water. From a pacifier it is easier for child to pull liquid therefore there is a danger that he will refuse a breast. Let's the newborn baby drink water and juice from a small spoon.

8. Having done everything possible and not having noticed improvement, see a doctor that he advised that needs to be done specifically in your situation.

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