How to keep health of the preschool child

How to keep health of the preschool child

Pediatricians sound the alarm: many first graders not only have problems with health, but also do not know anything about elementary sanitary and hygienic norms that also poses a threat for children.


1. Many parents surely refer to modern ecology and poor quality of food, trying to explain problems with health at their children. However experts hold the ground - the reason of a set of diseases, including enough serious, shortcomings of attention of adults to education and development of the kid at the earliest age are. For example, children whom did not accustom to brush well teeth in time to school risk to become constant patients of the stomatologist. Especially often it threatens those kids whose parents used sweets as the solution of problems. As a result, the candy which became a panacea from whims and a basis for the contractual relations with the child can bring to development not only caries, but also violations of a bite. The same kids who do not know about need to wash hands before food risk to be hospitalized with food poisoning or to be infected with worms.

2. According to experts, the fault for the destroyed teeth at children in most cases lies with parents. First, adults did not teach the child to look after an oral cavity, and secondly, badly watched quality of food, as a result many children instead of apples and other fruit prefer candies and sweets. Thus, it is important in due time to try to help to learn to use to the kid a brush further to avoid visits to the stomatologist - even many adults with shudder think of visit of these doctors.

3. It is important to teach the child to safety bases from the earliest age. The number of injuries can try to be reduced, in advance having spent time for detailed explanations: as it is necessary to cross the road why it is impossible to touch the hot iron, than the socket and wires which are sticking out of the earth, etc. is dangerous. From injuries any child is not insured, but the debt of parents is to try to minimize their probability, having explained to the child elementary rules of own safe behavior. As practice in Japan - everything is possible for children except that constitutes potential danger to their health (for example, games with knives and needles). It is only important to explain what can follow similar entertainments, having gradually convinced the child to be more careful. It is necessary to remember that also own example is extremely convincing, that is parents, in particular, are simply obliged to follow traffic regulations to impart also to the child this habit, having secured his further life.

4. As it was succeeded to establish to the American psychologists, from the children playing in the platform or in the park, around what concerned mothers or nurses run risk much more, warning them against any given step. The child climbing a short flight of stairs under similar accompaniment, according to researchers can fall to the ground with a bigger share of probability, than those which work independently. Parents need to provide to kids freedom in development of surrounding space - he has to feel consequences of own actions to learn to estimate adequately subsequently the forces. Of course, reasonably, depending on age, children have to study independence. Then after achievement of school age by them and to parents will send more quietly them to educational institution.

5. To keep sight and the preschool child's bearing and also to avoid problems in his psycho-emotional development, it is necessary to limit also viewing television programs and also games with various modern gadgets. According to a number of scientific research, the parents accustoming the children to similar pastime do kids "a disservice". Already several years later the extensive range of diseases and frustration can be diagnosed for the child - from short-sightedness to obesity (when viewing animated films is followed by thoughtless absorption of sweets) and also the increased nervous excitability.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team