How to keep itself at pregnancy

How to keep itself at pregnancy

Many women are afraid of pregnancy, only the fear is connected not with childbirth, and with a figure which they do not want to spoil. The fear is often unreasonable, and having given birth to the kid, the woman does not recover unless she is rounded in places and gets juicier forms. Excess weight and signs accompanying it usually are observed at women who did not care for the appearance all 9 months of pregnancy.


1. The most important governed - is not for two. And so all necessary substances of the additives arriving from food and recommended by the doctor have to be enough for the kid. The child does not need five kilograms of food a day which pregnant women try to eat, caring for the child. Rather balanced and balanced five times diet. All products which came to the woman's organism which were superfluous will surely be postponed in fat. You watch the weight, excess body weight not only will badly affect childbirth, but also it will be difficult to lose weight further. You will need to care for the child, and there will be not enough time for itself. If the doctor says to you that you gain too much weight and recommends to limit the use of any given products, listen to it.

2. Use special cream developed for fight against extensions and increasing elasticity of skin. Extensions usually appear on hips, buttocks a stomach and a breast therefore pay attention to these parts of a body. If a pot-belly, you carry a prenatal bandage. If after the delivery it does not decrease itself as in principle has to occur, buy also postnatal. Well and of course use cream 1-2 more months, so far exchange processes and adjustment of a hormonal background will not return to normal.

3. Be engaged in physical exercises. Pregnancy - not a disease and constantly it is impossible to stay in a prone position. The tone of muscles will weaken, and respectively and extra kilos begin to arrive catastrophically quickly. The stronger muscle tissue is developed, the easier there will take place childbirth and rehabilitation after them. But before starting exercises consult with the doctor. Without the permission of the doctor it is only regularly possible to make foot walks, and all the rest can do harm. Sign up for courses for pregnant women better, as how to do at childbirth also what exercises best of all render positive effect on an organism during pregnancy will tell there.

4. Well and of course having given birth to the kid, you nurse him. Breastfeeding promotes decrease in excess weight which was formed during pregnancy. Even if you cared for yourself, extra kilos all the same had to appear, without them it is impossible to bear pregnancy. Also breastfeeding will correct a shape of a breast and will not allow it to droop. Caring for the kid, do not forget to find also for yourself a little time.

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