How to kill ear pain at the child

How to kill ear pain at the child

Ear pain at the child can develop after bathing, at hit of a foreign matter, but, mainly, at the beginning of a catarrhal disease. An Eustachian tube at children wide and short therefore the infection in a nose or a nasopharynx easily passes to a cavity of a middle ear. Parents should know always in what ways it is possible to kill the child's ear pain.

It is required to you

  • - Boric alcohol;
  • - cotton wool;
  • - kompressny paper or film;
  • - otipaks or otinum;
  • - vasoconstrictive drops in a nose.


1. Address when developing pain in ears at children the doctor and completely implement all his recommendations. The pediatrician or the ENT specialist will examine the child and will appoint treatment. Sharp otitis in most cases well responds to conservative treatment by antibiotics with simultaneous treatment of a nasopharynx and application of ear drops.

2. You treat cold at the child as it is the main reason for developing of children's otitis. Try not to dig in to the child ear drops before survey of the doctor not to ""grease"" a true picture of a disease. Besides, at the kid the eardrum can be injured, in this case drops will get into a cavity of a middle ear and can cause damage of an acoustical nerve. The doctor will define integrity of an eardrum.

3. If quick medical care for any reason is inaccessible, try to reduce pain which is felt by the child. Dig in a nose to the kid vasoconstrictive drops - naftizin, nazivin, a xyflax. They reduce allocations from a nose and improve passability of an acoustical pipe.

4. It is possible to insert the cotton tampons moistened with slightly warmed up boric alcohol into ears. If there are no purulent allocations, dig several drops of an otipaks or an otinum. It is necessary to warm up them to 36 °C. For this purpose put a bottle for several seconds in hot water, and then check extent of heating, having dripped medicine on inside of an elbow bend. When you dig in medicine, delay an auricle back and up to straighten acoustical pass.

5. Make the warming compress on an ear to the child, it will help to reduce pain. Oil skin around an ear vaseline, moisten fabric in warm vodka or boric alcohol, wring out and put it around an auricle. It is convenient to use a napkin with the cut-out opening for an ear. From above impose a polyethylene film or special kompressny paper, then a layer of cotton wool and bandage to the head. You hold a compress one-two hours. It is desirable to carry out this procedure twice a day, before disappearance of pain. It is possible to give to the child anesthetic - paracetamol, ibufren in a children's dosage.

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