How to knit a children's panama

How to knit a children's panama

During the summer period when the tender sun begins to burn more and stronger, not to do the child without Panamanian. It is not obligatory to get a traditional headdress which is released from the conveyor. It is possible to knit with the minimum financial and time expenditure a children's panama independently.

It is required to you

  • Cotton threads, hook, satin thin ribbon


1. For knitting children'sof summer of an attire cotton threads are well demanded. Are ideal for this purpose of a thread "Iris" which besides high hygienic qualities, have the gloss giving to a product a presentable look. Also knitting requires a hook of average thickness which the selling assistant will help to pick up.

2. We do an air loop and provyazyvay of it 12 columns with nakidy. The 2nd row completely repeats previous. The 3rd row: we knit according to the scheme * 4 columns with nakidy in one loop, 1 column with nakidy in one petlyu*.4 and the subsequent ranks: from the place where 4 columns from one loop are knit, in the middle between them we knit according to the scheme * 4 columns with nakidy in one loop again, 2 columns with nakidy are consecutive in 2 petli*. Expansion of the Panamanian results, and the beautiful grooves similar to wheaten cones are formed. Thus, we continue to knit 14-15 more rows depending on the headdress size. Then 3 rows we knit a simple column. Further we carry out the "holes" decorating a panama. For this purpose provyazyvay through 1 loop according to the scheme * 1 column with nakidy, 2 air petli*. Then again we knit 3 rows a simple column. Further, through openings it will be possible to stretch, suitable on color, satin cord or a ribbon.

3. The basis of the Panamanian is ready and now we tie edges of the Panamanian through one loop according to the scheme * 1 column with nakidy in one loop, 2 air loops, 1 column with nakidy in the same petlyu*. The following 2 rows we repeat the previous drawing. Openwork expansion of fields of the Panamanian turns out. We finish a panama scallops. For this purpose we knit according to the scheme * 6 columns from nakida, 1 idle time stolbik*. Edges of scallops it is also possible to tie with cloves.

4. It is only not enough to knit a children's panama, it is desirable also to decorate it that will make a product original and unique. For this purpose it is possible to knit several florets from strings of the same invoice, but other color and to sew on the Panamanian sideways or in the place of transition to its fields.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team