How to knit a sleeveless jacket for the girl

How to knit a sleeveless jacket for the girl

Knitting – business not cunning. And those who claim that they cannot do it just never tried. What can be simpler, than knit a sleeveless jacket for the girl, any beginner can cope with this task. Stock up with patience.

It is required to you

  • - yarn
  • - needles


1. We choose a pattern. To calculate quantity of loops, first of all it is necessary to decide on a pattern. And to make it very just with such variety. For example, you can use the following scheme: the face – all loops back, a wrong side – alternation of front and back loops. As a result very beautiful pattern turns out, though matches elementary.

2. We knit a sample. Will be a sample of 13х13 cm in size enough. For this purpose gain on needles the necessary quantity of loops (if at you thin yarn gather 50 loops, average – 40, thick - 30) and knit the chosen pattern 13 cm up. At the end close loops, but do not tighten them strongly.

3. We calculate quantity of loops. Allocate in the center of a sample a square with the party of 10 cm and consider how many in it loops across and ranks down. Now solve a simple problem: divide 10 cm into the received quantity of loops in a row (this number of loops in 1 cm) and increase this number by the necessary width of a product. It will also be the necessary quantity of loops.

4. Back. Gather loops on needles and knit on a pattern to an armhole (this distance depends on the chosen product length). To make armholes, close 5-10 times (depends on the sleeveless jacket size) on one loop from each party. Dovyazhite up to the end also close loops.

5. Before. A front part knit also, as well as a back, you will not reach a mouth yet. To knit a sleeveless jacket for the girl with "V" a-shaped cut, divide knitting into two identical parts. Knit them separately, diminishing in an internal part on each odd row on one loop.

6. We collect a product. Begin collecting a product with humeral seams, and then connect front and back backs, beginning from below.

7. Let's a little decorate. The most widespread and easy way to decorate a product – to make a fringing on a throat cut and armholes. For this purpose gather on all length of a cut and knit 2 cm an elastic band 2х2, connect the ends. Most make also with armholes. The sleeveless jacket is ready! You can wear it with pleasure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team