How to knit a sweater to the child by needles

How to knit a sweater to the child by needles

Things for the child have to be always made of quality materials. Now the range of shops with a kidswear is huge, and it is possible to choose any dress. But having decided to knit by the kid a sweater, you will create a unique thing which will not be analogs.

It is required to you

  • - thin yarn (acrylic because natural threads can cause allergies best of all will approach);
  • - needles;
  • - big needle;
  • - buttons or fasteners.


1. Make a sweater pattern – so it will be more convenient to you to define where it is necessary to begin decrease and where it is necessary to add loops. Cut out a pattern from paper full-scale – so you will be sure that you were not mistaken with a size. Connect a sample from the chosen yarn, count quantity of loops in one centimeter and note measurements on your pattern.

2. Gain on needles the necessary quantity of loops (the volume of hips in centimeters increased by quantity of loops in sample centimeter). Connect several centimeters by an elastic band, then you pass to a vyvyazyvaniye of the main cloth. In the first row add 7 loops, evenly distributing them. Knit a sweater cloth the chosen pattern until reach the place for sleeves.

3. Evenly close quantity of the loops necessary for sleeves from two parties. In the last row create an armhole – divide quantity of loops into three, and close the received number of loops on the center. In the following accurately diminish loops, watching that both parties were narrowed evenly. Do not forget to leave the place for a fastener on a shoulder as it is inconvenient to put a sweater through the head on the child. Knit a level under a fastener an elastic band, about 4 cm long.

4. Connect a front part of a sweater also – begin with an elastic band, then knit the main cloth the chosen pattern. Close loops for sleeves, do not forget to make a mouth (on 2 centimeters earlier, than you did it on a back). Knit the second level for a humeral fastener.

5. Connect sleeves. Gain on needles the quantity of loops equal to the diameter of a wrist of the child increased by quantity of the loops which are located in one centimeter of your sample. Knit several centimeters an elastic band, then add 7 loops in the first row, through 7 rows add 3 loops. Finish knitting at height equal to hand length from a wrist to an elbow taking into account that the hand will be bent.

6. Sew all details – by means of a needle connect front and back parts to a big ear, process sleeves, sew them. On a level sew buttons and make cuts for them, having processed edges a hook.

7. Humidify a sweater, spread out it on a plain surface and let's dry out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team