How to lay the baby

How to lay the baby

The most part of days the newborn baby stays in a dream. Also those parents whose children have no problems with a dream are happy. But if the child sleeps badly, often wakes up, is capricious, it affects not only his health, but also on a condition of parents. How to put the baby to bed and provide a healthy sleep for it and his mom with dad?


1. For the baby very important role is played by observance of the mode. Always put the child to bed at the same time. This process will become for it habitual soon, and the kid himself will begin to fall asleep in time.

2. Bathe the child how to put to bed. The heat bath has the weakening effect, after it the kid will fall asleep quicker.

3. Quite often the child falls asleep near you, in a parental bed. And you do not know how to shift the kid in his own bed that he did not wake up. Being near mom, the child feels her calming heat. And if to shift it in not heated-up bed, he for certain will wake up because of change of temperature. Warm a bed of the kid by means of a hot-water bottle and only then shift in it.

4. Take the child on hands and feed. After the kid gorged on, do not hurry to put him to bed. Shake the baby, quietly singing him a song. Rhythmical rocking, a sound of your heart, a silent melody affect soothingly the baby and help it to fall asleep strong. Remarkably, if the kid sleeps in a cradle: even if he was capricious at night, you will be able always to calm him, having just given a hand and having shaken a cradle.

5. The child continues to be capricious, and mom shakes stronger and shakes him on hands. It seems everything is all right, after all, the kid fell asleep. Children are capricious when they strongly are tired, and your jolting does not relax him, and only prevents to cry. If you shake constantly strongly the kid, he will get used to such way and will fall asleep only when very much is tired. And you will shake it longer and longer each time that, eventually, will not bring benefit to either you, or him.

6. Very well small children fall asleep in the fresh air. Before going to bed take a walk with the child and if there is no such opportunity, well air the room in which your kid sleeps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team