How to lay the foundation of character of the child

How to lay the foundation of character of the child

The character of the person is built up throughout all life, but its foundation is laid since small years by parents. It is very important to be engaged in education of the child in time and to pay enough attention that the kid grew up the good and successful person.


1. The intellectual sphere is responsible for judiciousness and observation of the child. Various games, for example, search of differences between two pictures contribute to the development of the intellectual sphere. Games with guessing of words are also effective. Try to impart to the kid a habit to learn by heart poems and songs. Train him in the account, reading and the letter. Make educational process fascinating, positive emotions increase susceptibility of the child during classes. It will develop at it interest in study.

2. The emotional sphere includes vigorous health, cheerfulness and self-confidence. These qualities develop active games, visits to the theater, informative children's telecasts. Do not forget to praise the child for his achievements as often as possible. Do not try to doom the child to failure by such phrases in advance at all: "To you never to make it" and similar. Such approach results in uncertainty of the child in difficult situations.

3. Strong-willed sphere. Its components: endurance, commitment and the main thing – independence. Aspiration to the planned purpose very important quality for the child. It is useful to break a difficult task into several stages. For example, the child wanted to learn skating. Let at first will learn to stand surely on them, then it is possible to try to go on a floor, and only after that pass directly to driving on ice.

4. The aspiration of parents to bring up in children the independence is clear. For this purpose even in trifles it is not necessary to make decisions for it. Do not injure his consciousness a thought that as it small, his opinion is uninteresting to nobody. The patient relation when parents are busy will help to develop endurance. If mom is very busy, then the child has to wait. Do not try to deceive the kid, persuading to make something unpleasant, for example, at an indisposition to take a medicine. He has to suffer for the sake of own health.

5. Moral sphere. It is, first of all, honesty, responsibility and call of duty. Do not abuse the child if he admits a bad act. For honesty it is necessary to praise, having explained that from now on the bad act should not repeat. The trust of the child to the words of parents is boundless therefore do not call it bad words which meaning he can first and not understand, but further can strongly affect its destiny. For example, if for the pie taken without demand, do not call him "thief" not to impose such system of behavior.

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