How to learn a blood type of future child

How to learn a blood type of future child

Blood type of the child – a subject which concerns many parents. Numerous funny things and even tragedies are connected with it. To estimate what blood type can be important at your child as there are conflict probabilities on a blood type between mom the child. How to define it?

It is required to you

  • - sheet of paper;
  • - handle;


1. The blood type is defined by what types of antigens (agglyutinogen) are on a surface of erythrocytes. Main types of antigens 2-A and Century. Respectively, on erythrocytes can be or antigens only type A – the second blood type, or only type B – the third blood type, or and And, and In – the fourth group, or them can not be – the first group.

2. The blood type is inherited by the principle of complete and incomplete dominance and is defined by what genes of a blood type parents have. There are three types of genes of a blood type: And – defines availability of antigen of type A; In – defines availability of antigen of type B; 0 – defines lack of antigens. At each person of such genes in a genome on 2. At the same time there can be following combinations: 00. The first blood type, there are no antigens on erythrocytes. AA or A0. There are only antigens of type A, a blood type – the second. BB or B0. There are antigens of type B, the third blood type. AV. There are antigens of both types, a blood type – the fourth.

3. To estimate what blood type your kid can have, it is important to know that from each parent about 1 gene of a blood type is transferred to the child. At the same time there are 4 possible combinations of these genes. It is the simplest to consider it in the form of the table in which the top line contains possible genes of one of parents, and the left column – genes of the second parent. Apparently from the table in which the option for couple with the fourth and first blood types is painted it is impossible to foresee unambiguously what group the kid will have.

4. Make such table for your couple. Pay attention that if at someone from you the second or third blood type, then it is necessary to consider several options of combinations of genes. Possible blood types depending on a genotype of parents are given in the table, in brackets the blood type is specified.

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