How to learn abilities of the child

How to learn abilities of the child

In each kid there are unique abilities put genetically and prirodno. To reveal and develop them - a task of parents. The earlier you will understand what the child takes liking to, the it is more than chances that he will grow up successful and will do favorite thing.


1. Most often children with pleasure show the abilities. If the child is closed and unsociable, does not show interest neither in dances, nor in singing, nor in drawing, it is worth addressing the psychologist who will help to liberate him and to see tendencies to any given occupation.

2. If you want to reveal abilities of the child, you should not force the child to fulfill your dreams if they he not on temper and cannot do. Even if you did not manage to be implemented in any creative direction in the childhood, it does not matter. There are many courses and circles for adults. You have to separate from own desires and watch the child carefully. And coercion to something can frighten off the kid only.

3. Be not afraid to overload the child. The more different types of classes, the better. Suggest the kid to try also theater productions, and sport, drawing and music. You go to trial classes in various circles, talk to teachers and trainers, ask them to estimate a trained eye of your child. Those hobbies which will be to the child not to liking to be eliminated over time. The main thing, constantly to be interested whether the kid has a desire to continue studies. It is necessary to encourage interest and an initiative, but not to punish at all for unwillingness to visit a circle.

4. If to speak about encouragement, then it is necessary to praise the child constantly. It very much inspires him on further development of abilities and skills. You praise sincerely and from the heart. Even if it in a creative rush represented a picture on wall-paper, was soiled or tore sneakers, driving a ball, do not abuse it. His pictures will be far from an ideal, and verses to consist of two unrhymed lines. You should not wait from the little man without special skills any over achievements from the first day of classes. Your task is not to grow up the child prodigy on envy to other parents, thereby having deprived of him the childhood, and to reveal and to gradually develop its abilities.

5. The right hemisphere of a brain which is responsible for creative activity begins to develop earlier and more actively than logical left. Thus, you should not from the cradle try to grow up the great mathematician, however nevertheless it is necessary to be engaged in the account gradually. It is better to develop creative abilities and to strengthen relations of hemispheres of a brain of the child, to suggest it to make habitual things (to eat, clean teeth, to draw) other hand. Thus, when will come it is time to develop logical abilities of the kid, everything will be given him quicker and more simply.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team