How to learn about pregnancy when breastfeeding

How to learn about pregnancy when breastfeeding

When fertilization happens against the background of breastfeeding, the woman can guess that she is in "interesting situation" again not at once. However even in this case it is possible to define pregnancy approach if to show consideration for the health.

Why it is possible to learn about new pregnancy not at once

The main sign of approach of pregnancy is the periods delay. During an active lactation of periods at women, as a rule, are absent. The cycle can be restored only after 1-1.5 years after the delivery. But it is only average indicators. In each case the terms of restoration of regular periods are individual. If until conception the cycle was not restored, the woman does not wait for the next periods, and can even not pay attention to the changes happening in its organism.

How to learn about pregnancy when breastfeeding

Any suspicious change of health can serve as a pregnancy indicator. The feeding mom should listen attentively to the organism. The most widespread signs of origin of new life are nausea, dizzinesses, fast fatigue, sharp differences of mood.

It is possible to suspect pregnancy approach also on emergence of painful feelings during feeding of the kid. Some women admit that the pain when feeding by a breast was quite severe. Also increase in mammary glands, darkening of nipples has to guard. At approach of new pregnancy at the woman milk can cease to be developed, or its quantity can sharply be reduced. It is some kind of protective mechanism. The organism of future mom in case of continuation of a lactation will experience very big strain that is in certain cases inadmissible. Also color, taste of milk can change. Some mothers noted that at approach of new pregnancy their milk gained salty smack. Often kids for this reason suddenly refuse a breast. You should not ignore also such symptoms as emergence of unpleasant feelings in the lower part of a stomach, urination increase. If the woman kept a diary of measurements of basal temperature before, it can diagnose previously approach of pregnancy on sharp decrease in this indicator. At emergence of any suspicions it is possible to get a rapid test in pharmacy and to execute it in house conditions. To make it quite simply, and reliability of this method is very high. It is also possible to address the gynecologist, change of health, emergence of painful feelings can demonstrate development of gynecologic diseases also.

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