How to learn about the pregnancy without test

How to learn about the pregnancy without test

The fear of unexpected and unwanted replenishment of family can disturb the girl quite often. At the same time it is possible to learn whether she is pregnant without test, even at the very beginning of the term as will already point certain signals of an organism to it.

First of all, to learn whether the girl without test is pregnant, she should think and remember attentively the sexual contacts for the last month. Quite often women begin to indulge in panic, even without thinking of what for it can not be any basis. Remember whether you had an unprotected sex with ejaculation in a vagina. If yes, that it is worth thinking of possible approach of pregnancy really. At the unprotected sex with interruption this probability considerably decreases, especially if such contact happened within ten days after the beginning previous monthly or in 5-10 days before the expected approach of the following.

It is the simplest to understand and learn whether pregnant women you without test, it is possible if you well know the cycle. The delay of menstruation can become more than 7-10 days one of the first disturbing calls, however even in this case early speak about pregnancy. Perhaps, it is reaction of an organism to some latent disease or violation of a hormonal cycle.

Pay attention to your state. Appearance of nausea and vomiting in the mornings – one of more exact signs of the occurred pregnancy when the organism tests toxicosis. Besides, at the same time sharp differences of mood and its decline up to a long depression are possible. If at present the girl has no other diseases and could not get poisoned with something, it is worth thinking that pregnancy could occur really.

Future mothers often feel headaches, and this feature can appear in several days after fertilization of an ovum. Besides, the sense of smell increases, and even usual smells, for example, of coffee, flowers, fried dishes, etc. can cause nausea attacks.

To learn whether she is pregnant without test, it is possible on the changed addictions in food. The woman can have a desire to eat dishes which earlier there was no wish at all – salty or sweet products, exotic fruit and vegetables, etc. So the organism says that it suffers a shortage of certain vitamins or nutrients.

Address the qualified gynecologist. Can tell about the occurred pregnancy changes in appearance of female genitals and also results of various analyses. It is possible to have medical examination in some clinics free of charge by appointment. At the same time results will be much more precisely than the test for pregnancy.

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