How to learn appearance of future child

How to learn appearance of future child

Even during pregnancy future parents like to assume what their kid what at him will be character whether he will aspire to the exact sciences will grow up as dad, or it will have art abilities of mom. Certainly, parents are interested also appearance of their child.


1. The science of the geneticist will help to calculate possible appearance of future child. For example, at brown-eyed parents to be born kid with light eyes can, and at all not the neighbor, but the recessive gen. Kareglazost will be guilty of it is a prepotent sign which blocks action of a recessive gene, but that does not disappear anywhere. If mom, and for dad has recessive genes which are responsible for light eyes, then during conception they can meet, and the kid will be blue-eyed. Of course, the probability of it is low, only 25%. In all other cases at couple the brown-eyed child will be born. Study color of eyes of your parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, dyad and aunts. If some of them light eyes, so the probability of that, as at parents have this gene, is available.

2. Concerning hair there is the same situation. A dark and curly hair dominates over direct and light therefore the probability of the birth of the curly dark-haired child at mom blonde and dad brunette, is much higher, than appearance of the fair-haired baby.

3. The child's weight only for 40% is caused by heredity, and for 60% - a way of life and factors of the environment. Therefore to the parents inclined to completeness, it is not necessary to worry about the child, but it is worth since childhood to accustom him leading active lifestyle and to eat healthy food.

4. Growth of the child depends on growth of his parents. As a rule, children at high couples grow up high, and people have lower than average growth – low. Of course, growth of the kid is also influenced by the environment and good nutrition.

5. Not always geneticists can predict appearance of the child. Sometimes the nature makes jokes, and fair-haired parents in several generations can have a red kid. From genetic mutations nobody is insured, and the unusual hair color or an eye is the most harmless of them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team