How to learn color of eyes of future child

How to learn color of eyes of future child

The parents expecting the kid usually are interested in everything, as for appearance of future child. An exception is not also color of eyes of the newborn. Though children, as a rule, always with gray-blue or livid eyes are born, and over time their color changes.


1. Consider the fact that color of eyes is descended. This postulate was put forward still by Johann Mendel – the Austrian biologist and the botanist living in the 19th century. According to its law, color of eyes is inherited as well as hair color: if genes of dark color, then distinctive features (phenotypes) coded by them are prepotent will prevail superiority over distinctive features of lighter color.

2. Look at color of the eyes and color of an iris of the eye of the husband or wife. If both of you have dark color of eyes or brown, the child, for certain, will be born with dark eyes. Respectively, children of the parents having light eyes will also have light color of eyes.

3. If at you and your second half color of eyes is various, then define color of an iris of your child according to the theory of the dominating genes. For example, mom has blue eyes, and at dad – light green. Their child can have blue eyes from probability shares – 60%, light green – 40% as blue color – dominating. The most often found color of eyes on the earth it is considered brown, and rare - green.

4. Do not panic if at the child's birth its color an eye does not meet your expectations or does not coincide with color of your eyes. The vast majority of children at the birth have gray-blue or livid eyes. Approximately by 6-7 months it becomes finally clear what will become color of eyes in the future. Those children who have swarty skin at the birth usually have dark gray or brown eyes. Color of eyes is defined most often by parental genes, but even the great-grandfather or the great-grandmother can unexpectedly make the contribution.

5. Address online-programs on the Internet which suggest to help future parents to define color of eyes of the child. For this purpose specify color of the eyes and partner's eyes and also color of eyes of your parents and parents of the partner, your brothers and sisters. The calculator will make calculation and will give the probability of next color of eyes at your child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team