How to learn exact day of conception

How to learn exact day of conception

Conception is a process of merge of female and men's gametes. Spermatozoa keep the ability to impregnate an ovum within 2 days. And if the female gamete enters an ovulation stage, then pregnancy approach probability is high. If during this period the ovulation is absent, then conception will not happen.

It is required to you

  • - thermometer;
  • - notebook, handle;
  • - analysis of slime from a neck of the uterus;
  • - test for pregnancy;
  • - results of ultrasonography.


1. For calculation of day of conception of the child use the special calculators which are posted online.

2. As the most favorable term for conception of the child is date when there is an ovulation, the exact time of conception will coincide with date of an ovulation. 28 days lasting menstrual cycle an ovulation occur for the 14th day. Probability of approach of pregnancy this day is highest. At the extent of cycle of 21 - 24 day the stage of an ovulation comes on 10 – 12 day, at a cycle in 32 – 35 days – an ovulation - for 16 – 18 day.

3. Make calculation of date of conception (ovulation) by means of the schedule of basal temperature. At measurement of basal temperature every morning the thermometer is entered into a rectum (approximately on 5 cm) for 7 – 10 minutes. If temperature less than 37 degrees, a female body is to an ovulation if temperature exceeds 37 degrees a little, – after an ovulation. Date on the eve of increase in basal temperature – an ovulation stage.

4. Some days before maturing of an ovum the sticky and dense allocations from a vagina become transparent and viscous. During this period the probability of conception of the child is very high.

5. At an average stage of a menstrual cycle address the expert – the gynecologist. It will take on the analysis slime from a neck of the uterus and will define date of your ovulation (conception) to within 1 – 2 days.

6. Acquire in pharmacy the test for definition of an ovulation.

7. Address the experts conducting ultrasonography. It is the easiest and reliable way of definition of exact date of conception.

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