How to learn favorable days for conception

How to learn favorable days for conception

It is useful for the married couples planning pregnancy to know what days are most favorable for conception though at regular sexual intercourses it is optional. To define time when fertilization is the most probable, several methods – the Ogino method, a temperature method, special tests are used.


1. The Ogino method allows to calculate ovulation time at the woman by means of tracking a menstrual cycle. On average the female cycle lasts twenty eight days, and the ovulation in that case occurs in the middle of a cycle. But actually the cycle often gets off under the influence of various factors, sometimes the ovulation can does not happen in a certain month at all, and sometimes it occurs twice for a cycle. Therefore the Ogino method is based on duration of twelve last cycles.

2. Keep the calendar of periods for a year. Define what cycle for the last year was the shortest, and subtract from this number of days 18. The received number taken from the beginning of a cycle will be in the first favorable afternoon for conception. Then subtract from the longest cycle 11, the last day will turn out. For example, if the shortest cycle lasted 26 days, and long 32 days, then from the eighth to the twenty first day of the following cycle there are good chances to become pregnant.

3. Define day of an ovulation, that is most favorable for conception, by a temperature method. For this purpose it is necessary to take every day since morning basal temperature by means of the ordinary thermometer. Usually basal temperature of the healthy woman is 37 wasps, but because of increase in level of progesterone during an ovulation it increases. After that two-three more days occur an ovum exit therefore this time is favorable for conception too. But the temperature method is not always exact as basal temperature can change at insomnia, experiences, cold.

4. One of the most exact ways to learn favorable days for conception – to use tests for an ovulation. Buy such test in pharmacy, they are similar to tests for pregnancy definition. Use the test in five-six days or less to an estimated ovulation. Follow the instruction and at the end look at a strip – if it became same bright as control, then within a day or one and a half days there will be an ovulation.

5. The most reliable way to define an ovulation is to make ultrasonography on which can watch an ovum exit. Also there are methods, the days, helping to learn favorable for conception, and based on intensity of crystallization of saliva. Make such analysis in policlinic or buy the device for house use.

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