How to learn figures to the child

How to learn figures to the child

Learning of the first ten figures - a serious intellectual call for the little man. That only he should not listen from the parents and teachers who are not differing in a step and patience. And it is so simple to learn figures, using games, verses and children's curiosity.


1. To try to discover figures on the street. The child will quicker find figure five if enters an image of the intelligence agent or figures hunter. Instead of mechanical cramming and the exhausting calligraphical exercises in the spirit of ""a hyphen, a stick, a hook"" future Perelman receives the fascinating game developing observation, visual memory and imagination. An additional bonus - communication of the kid and adult, pledge of the healthy family relations in the future.

2. Embodiment and personification. Instead of flat figures the child can present convex fantastic persons with the characters, appearance details. In the Soviet animation and children's literature gray units were sad and spiteful beings, soldiers, policemen, aggressors who pull the school student to the abyss of illiteracy. The red five were important and kind, in an image of the birds or beautiful women who nearly are going back to an archetypic image of the goddess-mother. But you should not impose these templates to the child. He has full authority to inhabit the fantastic world arithmetic heroes and anti-heroes. The kid sympathizes with figure eight because it kind, violet also smells of cucumber? Well, and it is fine.

3. To tell a story about the figures, the account and mathematicians living at the beginning of history. Young why-askers will estimate the fascinating story about ancient methods of the account, about different forms of record of numbers and about a role of numbers at human lives. It will help the kid to understand expediency of his intellectual work (and many cannot just understand why to them it). He will feel involved in the mysterious world of science of arithmetics and their elder sisters - algebra, astronomy and geography.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team