How to learn hypnosis

How to learn hypnosis

Action of hypnosis seems practically magic, but in fact it only full relaxation of an organism. The person under hypnosis in consciousness, but it is narrowed and completely directed to the hypnotist.


1. To study hypnosis art, it is possible to apply the independent trainings developed by successful hypnotists, and it is possible to address to the specialized centers, to the practicing experts. Psychological and medical education in this process will be undoubted plus. Anyway to have this art down to a science, long-term practice is required. Only after that rendering really good hypnotic influence on people will be possible.

2. In case the person solves independently will study this art, responsibility will lie only on him. It is possible to study hypnosis of the house, but the considerable persistence and will power is required. Constant, continuous trainings of the possession of emotions, own body are for this purpose necessary, only after that there will be potential an impact on consciousness of other people. It is necessary to believe first of all firmly in himself and the abilities. This confidence has to be full and constant to be transferred also to other people.

3. It is necessary to work also on external manifestations. The voice of the hypnotist has to be quiet and sure, without shout and excessive assertiveness. It is necessary to develop short, abrupt, accurate and clear phrases, to find suitable tempo of speech and a timbre of a voice. The voice has to be sure and soft, intonations quiet, equal. Before a session of hypnosis it is necessary will get rid of nervousness, to find determination and confidence, in other words - to hypnotize itself in the beginning, and then another. Before each session the establishment of contact with the partner is necessary. It is necessary to help the person completely will relax. It is necessary to speak in a manner, habitual and pleasant for the person, without allowing pressure and stressful situations.

4. During the session the partner needs to look in the face a confident look - such look is called hypnotic. It is necessary to watch a state hypnotized and at the same time to bring it to a state of full slackness, asking constantly that he feels and monitoring reaction to each action. Hypnosis is first of all individual approach to each person. Hypnosis becomes should not in the way of manipulation at all. First of all it is a good way to help to solve deeply lying personal problems. Any person in the course of hypnosis can have atypical situations, unexpected reactions with which the professional can cope only. The precept "has to remain the main precept when training in hypnosis, as well as any skill of doctoring, do not do much harm".

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