How to learn if the child is hurt by ears

How to learn if the child is hurt by ears

Ear pains at the child – the phenomenon rather widespread. The problem is that at chest age the kid cannot independently report to parents that he disturbs him. Therefore parents can understand that it is time to call the doctor, only on indirect signs, being guided by behavior of the child.


1. Observe the kid if he behaves uneasily, became more whimsical, shakes the head, cries, the ear, perhaps rubs, it begins otitis.

2. If the child is hurt by an ear, he sleeps badly, turns as cannot find such situation in which he will feel comfortable. Heat alleviates pain therefore the kid can try to press sore ear to a pillow.

3. The child can refuse food as chewing and swallowing brings him pain.

4. Temperature increase up to 38-39 degrees – one of symptoms of otitis. As this inflammatory disease, proceeds it in a sharp form.

5. In the started cases at the child from an ear liquid of flavovirent color with impregnations of blood or without those can be highlighted. Acoustical pass can redden.

6. Otitis can arise against the background of the postponed respiratory diseases as a complication. Therefore during this period it is necessary to watch the child especially carefully.

7. To check whether the ear hurts, it is necessary to press slightly a trestle – a small hillock on an external part of an ear before an entrance to an auricle that will cause painful feelings, and the kid will begin to cry. But this way works not in all cases as otitis is not always followed by pain. Therefore to consider this method universal it is impossible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team