How to learn lessons with the child

How to learn lessons with the child

In many families the parents accept a wrong position concerning the help to the children in preparation of homeworks. Some excessively sponsor children, others, on the contrary, are too critical to children and force them to do everything independently.


1. Do not begin to be engaged with the child at once after he came from school. Let's it have a rest from educational process, allow it some time to give to the hobbies.

2. Before beginning to learn lessons with the child organize the working atmosphere (switch off the computer, the TV, radio etc.) and prepare to him a comfortable workplace. Track that on a desktop there was nothing what would distract the child.

3. Teach the child to use rationally the time – warn when you will begin to be engaged with it, at the same time you do not transfer this time, and do not postpone. It will accustom the child to a certain mode and will promote development of skills of planning of time in it.

4. Begin to learn with the child lessons from the heaviest objects and gradually you pass to easier. Not to burden either itself, or the child, between preparation of different objects take a 10-minute break.

5. Render to the child the emotional help, and do not expose excessive requirements, excessive to his age. The child needs to be encouraged, confidence in the forces – a key to success.

6. Do not force the child to remake independently tasks which he performed badly. It will be much better if you correct errors in common, unostentatiously explaining at the same time why it is necessary to make quite so.

7. If after you explained to the child material which he cannot understand, you see that he did not understand it, pass to performance of other task, and return to an explanation of this task later.

8. If for any reasons you could not make lessons together with the child, for example, you needed to go somewhere or you were late at work late, having come home do not ask first of all whether the child made lessons. Ask better as put it.

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