How to learn sequence in kindergarten

How to learn sequence in kindergarten

In recent times to write down the child in turn into place in kindergarten and it was possible to monitor its advance only at a personal visit to regional department of education (RONO). Now it is possible to learn sequence in kindergarten online.

It is required to you

  • Number of turn issued in RONO or the individual code received at electronic registration.


1. Register on the special website of the city administration - practically in each region there is such type of service. After the end of registration for your e-mail the letter with confirmation and the individual code will come. The code is assigned by the electronic commission and is necessary for control of advance of turn of your child.

2. You enter this code on the homepage of the website, it will be automatically requested. Having entered the code, you will be able to see how the turn in kindergarten moves ahead. If suddenly it turns out that serial number of your turn changed upward, it is necessary to demand from RONO of explanations. On the website this information cannot be found, it is necessary to go to regional department of education personally.

3. If in your region the electronic queue is not entered into kindergartens yet, control advance of sequence at personal visits. When setting on turn in kindergarten receive the receipt with number. At another visit to RONO show this number and learn how the sequence moves ahead. It is also possible to recognize sequence by phone, call the receipt number and find out how soon your child will be able to visit preschool institution.

4. Keep in mind, increase in your turn upwards can be the result of increase in number of children exempts. There are categories of persons to which RONO is obliged to provide the place in kindergarten first of all.

5. You monitor change of sequence in process of opening of new kindergartens in your area and also in the period of the middle of May until the end of August. During this period the proiskhoditnabor of children, and your turn can significantly promote.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team