How to learn that childbirth began

How to learn that childbirth began

At pregnancy to the woman put the preliminary term of childbirth. But usually the kid has plans, he can be born to or after the appointed term. For this reason future mothers guess how to distinguish the beginning of process of childbirth.

Otkhozhdeniye of waters

When process of pregnancy of the woman comes to the end, her organism is exempted from amniotic waters which helped the kid with development. Otkhozhdeniye of these waters is also the main and pronounced sign of the beginning of childbirth. Without water the kid can live in the woman's organism day, sometimes it is slightly more. Therefore at the first suspicion on an otkhozhdeniye of amniotic waters it is necessary to see a doctor or to call the ambulance.

How to define that amniotic waters departed?

The amount of amniotic waters in an organism of the pregnant woman is very high. Small soaking of underwear, most likely, demonstrates some allocations, than about an otkhozhdeniye of amniotic waters. And here if from a vagina a lot of liquid is emitted, you should not doubt – childbirth began. In this case it is important to manage to call an ambulance prior to the fights.


Fights are the second sign indicating the beginning of patrimonial process. Fights are divided into two views – preparatory and the main. Preparatory fights begin approximately with the thirtieth week of pregnancy. There are they to irregular frequency. For example, it can occur so: 1 minutes of fights, 35 minutes of rest, 2 minutes of fights, 10 minutes of rest, 1 minute of fights, 15 minutes of rest. Such fights have preparatory character. And here if they happen to strengthening, for example, 1 fights – 10 minutes of rest, 2 minutes of fights – 8 minutes of rest and further, it is necessary to call the ambulance at once. If the woman is not sure of what type of fights is observed at her, it is more expedient to call the ambulance just in case. Life of the kid can depend on it. At fights the woman feels pain in lumbar area, a bottom of a stomach and in a groin. False contractions quickly pass under impact on a body of warm water.

The fallen stomach

Of course, the stomach which not always fell is sign of the beginning of childbirth, but, nevertheless, he points to their approach. There are no specifics. After the stomach fell, the woman can give rise both the next day, and in a month.

Otkhozhdeny uterine stopper

In a uterus of the pregnant woman the mucous stopper appears. It prevents hit of infections and dirt to a fruit. This stopper, as a rule, departs at the time of an otkhozhdeniye of amniotic waters why many women most often also do not notice it. The truth sometimes there are cases that the mucous stopper departs amniotic waters slightly earlier. In this situation the otkhozhdeniye of a uterine stopper indicates that soon at the woman waters will depart and childbirth will begin.

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