How to learn that the child is offended at school

How to learn that the child is offended at school

Some children remember "school days wonderful" as series of the continuous humiliations and mockeries sometimes forcing to think of suicide. Sometimes, to stop this "torture" there is enough intervention of the adult, but even the most loving parents not always know what occurs, the child can be so intimidated or in a despair that will begin to hide even from them this bitter truth.


1. Inexplicable travmyesl the child more often comes back with scratches, cones, bruises which origin he explains with accident – fell, stumbled, hit against a corner, it is necessary to talk to it that nobody has the right to do it harm and the story about the injuries caused to it is not "treachery". Offenders often inspire in children that only weaklings and informers tell about the put beating. Let know to the child that it not so.

2. Gone and spoiled veshchistoit to prick up the ears if the child of the beginnings is more often usual to bring from school the spoiled things or any objects began to vanish without reasonable explanation. Abuse not always is physical, sometimes rather psychological pressure. Do not begin a talk with the child with phrases: "again you …", "on you will not save enough …", "parents work, and you …", try to construct a conversation about losses and porcha in a sympathetic manner and to precisely find out what occurs.

3. Loss of interest in school "Call" can serve also the fact that once inquisitive kid, turned into the stubborn child, not the person interested to perform tasks of the teacher and in general to go to school. By the way, in case rejection of the child is directed specifically to one some subject. It is worth thinking about tomyu that a source of psychological violence in school not always children.

4. Physical zabolevaniyaseryezny "call" increasingly frequent diseases are headaches, problems with a stomach, the "jumping-up" temperature. If removes all symptoms as a hand after you leave the child at home, it does not mean that he is a simulator and the idler, it is quite possible that the psychological pressure upon it at school is so big that he begins to feel psychosomatic frustration.

5. To ask the SamoistyazaniyaNevozmozhnost about the help, sensation of fear and humiliation, the feeling of own powerlessness can lead all this to the fact that the child will begin to do to himself harm – to tear hair, to scratch itself, in more serious cases to leave numerous cuts on the code. These are very serious signs which are just mute calls for help.

6. SamoizolyatsiyaDetyam, as well as the adult, sometimes there is a wish to stay one, but if day after day the child is locked in the room, does not want to see friends to whom it was close until recently, schoolmates ceased to call him, it is time for parent to think – what occurs? Maybe the child became subject to persecution? Happens so that derelicts children become after small, but nevertheless unseemly acts in return therefore it is even more difficult to them to tell about the incident to seniors. Be patient, convince the child that together you are capable to correct everything.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team