How to learn that the son smokes

How to learn that the son smokes

Smoking at teenagers is one of signs of growing therefore many try to smoke in 11-12 years. This addiction tightens some teenagers, they any more not in forces to refuse it. For parents it is important to understand signs which will precisely specify that their child smokes.

To understand whether the son smokes, simple observation will help. Do not try to empty the child's pockets at the first suspicion, to abuse it and to accuse of something, to check his personal belongings. Of course, parents can tell that they have full authority to it, but so you only lose trust of the son. Better instead observe it some time: the shown patience and attention can tell more, than interrogations and orders. If the child suddenly began to be late from school, got to himself other company, obviously something hides, does not talk openly, goes gloomy - there is an occasion to talk to the son. When in family trusting relationship is created, such conversation will be able to help, the teenager admits why he smokes, or you make sure that suspicions were vain. However there are also more certain signs of smoking.

Signs that the teenager smokes

The most sure sign of smoking, of course, began to smell. It proceeds from hands, clothes, from hair, from a mouth. Of course, the teenager can justify himself also what his friends smoke, and he just stands nearby. But the smell from a mouth does not come true nothing. And on hands the traces from smoking remain only when the person smokes. To remove this smell teenagers resort to cunning: chew too mint chewing gum, rub hands with lemon zest, take in a coffee mouth. If you noticed such behavior at the son, most likely he smokes.

The second sign is cough, especially, when it appears unclear, why. Few times it can be written off also for cold, but nevertheless cough from cigarettes can be distinguished and aurally - it sounds chilly, strainedly. If the child began a thicket to catch a cold or he has headaches - it is sign that parents should think too. Smoking strongly affects appearance, especially at teenagers. Their organism already endures changes, is very unstable, and the addiction to cigarettes only aggravates situation. Skin of the teenager becomes grayish or turns yellow, cracks on lips appear, the state and color of teeth worsens. It is possible even to bring together the son to the therapist or the stomatologist - they almost unmistakably can define the smoker.

Changes in behavior

The smoking teenager constantly has to be in a stress, hide the harmful hobby. Therefore houses he can behave is more reserved and nervously. Especially he should be nervous when there is no opportunity to leave the house long time and therefore he cannot smoke too. Such teenager can rush about on the house, is aimless go from the room to the room, snap, quarrel with people around though there are no reasons for this purpose, apparently. Look narrowly also at what the child spends money for. If there are any unreasonable expenditure - it is sign to think. Purchase of cigarettes happens not every day, but nevertheless has to be made with sufficient frequency. Therefore it is possible to trace when money is required for the son, to be interested what he spends them for. Besides, if in the house there is a smoking parent, it is possible to look narrowly whether his cigarettes vanish. When the teenager smokes, it is usually easily possible to find tobacco traces in its pockets or at the bottom of a backpack. If all of you found out that your son smokes, you should not take serious measures at once, to abuse and punish him. In the beginning it is necessary to talk, tell about harm of smoking, about advantages of a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to ask the child on the reasons which forced it to resort to smoking, maybe, so he solves some problems, and you only aggravate with punishments its situation. Besides, the positive motivation helps better than orders. Promise the child something for his refusal of smoking. Let's say you were going to present it the new bicycle long ago. Agree that you will make it only after refusal of cigarettes.

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