How to learn that the stomach fell

How to learn that the stomach fell

One of signs of the coming beginning of childbirth is omission of a stomach. Many pregnant women, especially those which expect birth of the firstborn the question often disturbs how to learn that the stomach fell. Instantly it occurs or somehow gradually? And in general, what feelings at omission of a stomach before childbirth are felt by future mom?


1. Shortly before childbirth, it becomes much easier for some pregnant women to breathe. It is connected with what the kid, moving ahead more and more deeply to the area of a basin, already not so strongly presses on a diaphragm. It is a strong indication of the fact that the stomach fell. Though visually such omission can and be not noticed.

2. If to breathe, at the fallen stomach, it becomes easier for future mom, then it becomes much more difficult and more inconvenient to sit and go her every day.

3. Besides, omission of a stomach can be noticed also on urination frequency. Also it seems so to future mom that in a toilet she runs on hundred times in a day, and at the fallen stomach the visits to "the ladies' room" become much more often than usual.

4. One more way to check whether the stomach fell, waiting for long-awaited childbirth, to put the hand between a breast and a stomach. It has to be located quietly in this space.

5. On each planned reception the gynecologist measures the uterus bottom height (UBH) at the pregnant woman. And so, gradual numerical reduction of this parameter is sign that the stomach slowly falls.

6. At some future mummies the omission of a stomach becomes noticeable not armed look. Its former round or oval shape is replaced with pear-shaped.

7. There is also it that the pregnant woman does not feel at all that her stomach falls. Then on any vertical and smooth surface, for example on a mirror, the fridge or a door jamb, it should be noted at what level from a floor there is a navel. Such daily measurements perfectly reflect dynamics of omission of a stomach.

8. Features of an organism of each pregnant woman are individual therefore someone notices at once that the stomach fell, someone prior to the fights only still waits for it omission, and someone even does not think of it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team