How to learn the alphabet with the child

How to learn the alphabet with the child

To remember the alphabet for the small child rather difficult task, it is at the same time necessary to involve reason, hearing and sight. Therefore adults have to help the kid to hear sounds in words, to see them in the book, and then to learn to write.


1. Acquire for the kid the alphabet with the cheerful rhymes and bright large pictures representing animals and objects on each letter of the alphabet. Read to the kid the rhyme on studied letters, allocating with intonation the interesting letter. Then several times accurately say this letter and a subject which name begins with this letter. That further it was simpler to child to learn to read, you say a sound, but not a letter, that is "B", but not "Be". Instead of the book it is possible to use cardboard cards or the electronic alphabet.

2. Think out the developing games for the kid connected with the alphabet. For example, let the child by means of language of a body will represent a letter. Or ask the kid to find on each letter of the alphabet objects from its environment. Play with it words when the player has to call a word on the last letter of earlier called word.

3. Suggest the kid to mold a letter from plasticine. Except storing of this letter during a molding at the child the fine motor skills promoting formation of the speech develop. Spread together with the kid during walk of a letter from leaflets, sticks, blades, you mold words from snow. With storing of the alphabet at the kid the imagination develops. You will cut out several letters from color cardboard and hang out them in the children's room. Let the kid call a sound and points a finger the corresponding letter on a wall.

4. Buy the kid the developing toys. For example, cubes with letters and syllables which can be shaken or thrown to hear a sound of the represented letter. Bake together with the kid the tasty alphabet from the test which can be eaten then over a cup of tea.

5. Do not load and do not force the child to be engaged seriously. For one occupation with the kid it is enough to learn one letter. Read books to your child whenever possible as often as possible, try to carry away the kid and to impart to him love for books, reading and study.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team