How to learn, the child smokes or not

How to learn, the child smokes or not

As show researches, many smokers try to hide the addiction. And teenagers do it with special care, being afraid of condemnation and punishments of parents and teachers.


1. To understand that your child smokes rather easily. Of course, teenagers are very inventive and will try to confuse you in every possible way. Therefore as soon as your child came back home from the next walk, first of all smell his fingers. It is rather easy to neutralize a smell from a mouth by means of chewing gum or a freshener. And here the smell on hands keeps longer.

2. Of course, the smell from hands can be eliminated if desired by means of soap or wet towel wipes too. In this case try to feel the smell proceeding from hair and clothes. However it is not necessary to shout and swear if the child categorically denies the participle to this addiction. Perhaps, however, what in the company is smoked by other children, and your child just is near them. Though you should not relax, on sociological polls of teenagers, it is the most frequent excuse for parents.

3. Mom and dad should look narrowly more attentively if along with a characteristic smell your child had a habit often to brush teeth, to wash hands and to ruminate. This teenagers try to hide smoking traces.

4. Look for cigarettes in the room of the child. Often they happen in a backpack, in clothes, on a case. If you found them, be going to listen to the version of your child that they were lodged by the neighbor in a school desk or the companion in section.

5. Pay attention to that, how many pocket money you give to the child whether his requirements increased lately, specify whether the prices in school cafeteria rose really. Often at parents the trifle from a purse which they, as a rule, do not watch vanishes.

6. The child who smokes is usually easily irritated, is aggressive, is subject to frequent change of mood. Sometimes it observes slackness, lack of appetite, the general health without the reason seen on that worsens. Sometimes it is discharged when you want to embrace or close to approach it. If you learned in the above description of the child, prepare for a serious and difficult conversation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team