How to learn the first signs of pregnancy

How to learn the first signs of pregnancy

Most often learn about the joyful event of the woman approaching in their life after a periods delay. At a regular menstrual cycle the pregnancy for this moment is only two weeks. But there are also those who seek to reveal a secret of the state even before this term. Early signs of pregnancy can be divided into three categories according to their reliability.


1. The most doubtful it is possible to call just the most common symptoms. Of course, they meet at many, though not at everything, pregnant, but also a huge number of different factors can be the reasons of such manifestations of an organism. Including not belonging to reproduction. Early toxicosis – nausea, disgust for certain food, intense negative response to smells – usually develops on 2-8 week, but can visit the woman already and in the first days. It is connected with hormonal reorganization of an organism. For the same reason the first trimester can be followed by increased fatigue and sleep disorders. Increase in level of hormones often causes headaches, elevated pressure and dizziness. And decrease in immunity allows infections and colds it is easy to get into an organism. In the first days of pregnancy the woman can already feel increase in a stomach. Of course, it is not connected with growth of the child yet. At pregnant women the inflation of loops of intestines results from the increased gas generation.

2. Separately above and above the listed signs can be caused by various violations in work of an organism which are not connected with pregnancy. But their set has to guard. Especially if also more reliable symptoms appeared. For example, on the first or second week many women feel prickings in a uterus. At this stage also the breast can already become especially sensitive. Touches cause unpleasant feelings and pain, volume increases, veins appear, skin around nipples darkens. Early sign of pregnancy is also frequent urination. Unfortunately, pregnant women are especially subject to a disease of the milkwoman. A frequent fever – it is cold, hot – in pregnant women it is caused by the increased temperature.

3. Implantation bleeding belongs to the most reliable symptoms of the occurred pregnancy. It occurs for 6-12 days after conception. At some women it can be expressed by pinkish, yellowish or brownish poor allocations which sometimes mistakenly take for the beginning of periods. Actually they are connected with introduction of an oosperm in a uterus wall. But implantation bleeding is not obligatory and its absence does not speak about not approach of pregnancy. For those who conduct measurement of basal temperature sharp temperature drop for one day in the second phase becomes a bright signal of the incident. Further temperature over 37 degrees speaks about development of pregnancy. In the first phase of pregnancy the mucous vaginas and a neck of the uterus get a cyanotic shade. And, at last, after the second week of pregnancy at a regular menstrual cycle the pregnant woman has a delay. From the first day it is possible to make the test for pregnancies which with high probability will confirm or will disprove the assumption of pregnancy.

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