How to learn the reasons of children's tears

How to learn the reasons of children's tears

If in the house the small child, it is quite often possible to hear his crying. The parents who are rolled up by continuous cares sometimes cannot independently define the reason of such behavior and think that the kid just is capricious.

They do not pay attention to tears of the little person, and even begin to abuse the child. It can lead to very sad consequences, passing by a small grief, dad and mom lose trust of the kid, move away from it. There is also an opposite situation when too careful parents very much izbalovyvat the offspring and do of him the whimsical monster.

How to arrive when the child cries? Often tears of the baby is a call for help, a distress signal. The child is not able to express clear for people around the emotions yet. So the little person asks that to him helped to cope with a difficult situation, reports to the world about the problems and sufferings. First of all, it is necessary to establish the reasons of tears of the kid. Them can be a little.

1. Grief. The small child is not able to think logically yet, and real, last and future for him does not exist. The kid lives here and now. If to him there is something bad, the baby thinks that he so will be always. He is not able to analyze last events yet and does not know that the situation can change. The kid does not understand yet what is hope and he feels any negative emotions stronger. Even situations, insignificant for the adult, like the broken toy, are perceived by the child as a huge grief which will never come to an end. In this situation it is necessary to calm and something to distract the kid, to improve a situation that the despair of the child was softened. As soon as the inconvenience disappears, the kid will forget about the experience and will start over again smiling.

2. Disease. When the child is unhealthy, tears he can report about the unpleasant feelings. If in this case to ignore children's crying, it is possible to start a disease that will lead to catastrophic consequences for health of the kid. If crying does not cease, and for this purpose it seems there are no reasons, it is necessary to see a doctor urgently. The sick child it is better not to leave one. It is necessary to try to explain tenderly to the little person that pain will disappear after a while, it is necessary to suffer just a little. It is possible to read him the book, to tell something or to play a favourite game to distract the child and to lighten it the mood then the disease will pass quicker.

3. Whims. Often the kid begins to cry when he does not receive that he wants. If the child seriously intended to receive immediately something, to wait usually any arguments and requests do not affect him. Usually it comes to an end with plentiful tears, a hysterics and shout. Often in this case the kid does not pretend to be, just he openly declares the feelings and desires. Parents in such situations should behave and not to abuse the child, and to try to switch his attention to something interesting. You should not indulge all requests, it is impossible and can result in emotional dissoluteness. Talk to the kid, then he will understand that in the world there is a lot more interesting and you should not spend time for tears.

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