How to learn the size of footwear of the child

How to learn the size of footwear of the child

If your kid still absolutely small, and his legs already need footwear, then at all you should not guess what size of a leg at your baby. It is possible to learn the size of footwear of your kid in several ways.


1. The first way. The most elementary way from all possible. To measure the leg size, the sheet of paper, the handle, a pencil or a felt-tip pen will be necessary for you. Put the sheet of paper on a floor. Track that it did not slide and it was well recorded on the place. It will be quite good if one of parents is able to hold a leaf, having pressed its edges fingers to a floor. If you take measurements one or one, then record edges of a leaf by means of an adhesive tape. For this purpose attach to corners of paper on an adhesive tape piece, fix each of which on a floor. After the leaf is recorded, start the main part of measurement. Put the child's leg on the sheet of paper and circle with a marker a foot contour that on a leaf there was kind of a print. Try to circle so that the pencil most densely adjoined to a leg. The turned-out drawing is also the size of a leg of your kid.

2. If you did not like such way of measurement, or you considered it not absolutely exact, then try to use another. For this purpose take sartorial centimeter and measure the foot length, foot width. It will be better if you measure foot width in three points. At fingers, in the middle of foot and at the Piglet. Write down the received measurements on the sheet of paper not to forget, and go to shop to do shopping.

3. If you considered this way not suitable, then especially for you there is one more very good way to measure the actual size of foot of your kid. For this purpose you need plasticine. Properly warm plasticine in hands that it became very soft and plastic. This way of measurement differs not so much in the accuracy, how many fascination of process which will be pleasant not only to the child, but also you. Put the child's leg on plasticine that there was a scar. The child can even walk on plasticine, then the print will remain deeper. It will allow you to pick up with ease footwear to your child. Now problems at the choice of footwear should not be!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team