How to learn, the stopper departed or not

How to learn, the stopper departed or not

One of signs of the coming childbirth consider an otkhozhdeniye of a so-called patrimonial stopper – a small lump of slime which filled with itself(himself) the cervical channel and protected not born child from hit of external infections. How to distinguish, the stopper departed or not?


1. It is necessary to know how the stopper looks to understand that there was it and not to panic at detection on underwear of allocation, unusual to the pregnant woman, from genitals. And also in due time to report about it the important fact to the treating gynecologist, premature withdrawal of a stopper can be a reason for acceptance of urgent measures to preservation of pregnancy at insufficiently big for childbirth term.

2. Not to notice that the stopper departed in most cases the woman cannot as it (stopper) represents a small lump of slime with bloody streaks (the patrimonial stopper can be colourless, yellowish or even pinkish color, but it is always slime). On consistence the mucous stopper can be various and remind the look as dense allocations from a nose at cold, and to cause associations with a popular children's toy a ball slime, that is to be rather dense lasting mucous weight.

3. The patrimonial stopper can gradually depart within several days small parts or several hours prior to childbirth and at once all completely, to depart with waters (including at a puncture physicians of a bubble) or independently. Also the stopper can depart and remain in a vagina for some time and to leave only during the second period of childbirth or together with the birth of the kid. For this reason some women did not see that, the stopper departed or not, though gave rise and not on one child.

4. It is difficult to mix an otkhozhdeniye of a mucous stopper with dribble of amniotic waters as they have a different consistence, color and at tussiculation (and, therefore, and some tension of muscles of a stomach) the stopper is not allocated again unlike amniotic waters which can leak within a minute from the moment of tussiculation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team