How to learn the weight of future child

How to learn the weight of future child

In the natural way it is very heavy to give birth to the child having big weight. Therefore till the birth of the kid future mothers want to learn weight. There are various methods of calculation of weight, including by means of ultrasonic and ultrasonografichesky researches. To the touch the doctor can tell about the weight of future child only approximately.

It is required to you

  • Late pregnancy, centimeter and calculator.


1. By means of ultrasonography the weight is determined by a head circle with an accuracy of 0.5 kg, but if child it is visible badly, the expert can be mistaken with calculations. It is the best of all to calculate the weight of future child on the 32nd week.

2. One of the most known methods is Lebedev's method. For calculation height of standing of a bottom of a uterus is multiplied by a grasp of a stomach and as a result the approximate number of grams of a fruit turns out.

3. Many women consider that the size and weight of future child can be compared to the tummy size, however, in the nature there is no standard of a stomach of the pregnant woman. It can be small, big, wide or sharp. The size of a stomach depends on the weight, growth and width of a bone of mom. The big weight of a fruit can be connected with big before pregnancy and growth of mother.

4. Determination of weight of future kid is connected also with acquisition of the first clothes, buying the standard size it is possible to make a mistake as children are born with a weight of both 2.0 kg, and 4.5 kg.

5. One more popular method of calculation of mass of the baby is Stroykova's method. For this purpose the weight of the pregnant woman is divided into number of a constant which undertakes taking into account weight. If the woman weighs 50 kg, then the constant is equal 15 if the weight of 51 - 53 kg – the constant is equal to 16. Each 2 kg of additional weight are equal to one more unit of a constant. Then the circle of a tummy is multiplied uterus bottom height, both sums develop and divided into 2. The result will turn out with a margin error in 200 gr.

6. On the 38th week of pregnancy the weight of the child can be determined in house conditions independently with use of usual centimeter. Lying on a bed it is necessary to grope the upper edge of a bone of a pubis, to put centimeter and to stretch it on the average line to the upper edge of a uterus. The result needs to be increased by 100, as will be the approximate weight of the child in grams.

7. In case the kid very large, it is necessary to discuss with the doctor Cesarean section in advance, to read literature on this operation and to be prepared psychologically. Cesarean section is also carried out if the child is incorrectly located.

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