How to learn to creep

How to learn to creep

Crawling is the major stage in development of the child, and from that, how correctly he will learn to creep, his further development of skill of movement and also coordination depends.


1. For the first time children make attempts to spread within the first year of the life when they only just learn to get up as knees. During this period pay special attention to the child – you watch more often purity of a floor as dust has property quickly to collect.

2. During this period, when the child only studiesof to creep and cannot move dynamically and long yet, the special rug for crawling will be good option for it. Buy it in any children's shop.

3. At the first stages of crawling give to the child freedom in movement. Allow it to creep in any direction in which he wanted.

4. When the child already well can creep on the rug, move away him that he felt even more free.

5. You teach the child to creep in the direct direction. For this purpose depart from it on 2-3 meters and entice it some bright rattle. Call the kid by name and surely smile to him. Be sure - he with great pleasure will spread to you with the doubled speed, and fast crawling plays very important role in development of the child.

6. Place various obstacles in way in a way at the child, such as, for example, small benches, small boxes and so on. Allow the child to get independently through obstacles. Continue to attract him with a rattle. Smile and always encourage the child.

7. You teach the child to creep on a narrow straight line, for example, on a small bench. For complication of this exercise gradually increase a bench inclination, but not in descent in the direction from the child, and in rise.

8. Be engaged with children in crawling throughout all preschool period of growth, play with them games where crawling is applied. It promotes relaxation of a backbone and also gives uniform and not strong load of hands and child's legs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team