How to learn to do focuses for children

How to learn to do focuses for children

Wizards, as we know, are found not only in imaginations, but also with those who believe in them. And to become the recognized magician at local children, it is not obligatory to study in Hogvardsa - to master couple of simple focuses enough.

It is required to you

  • - soda
  • - vinegar
  • - water
  • - red cabbage
  • - teaspoon
  • - sweet tea
  • - Mentos chewing candies
  • - Coca-Cola
  • - sparkling water
  • - button


1. Focuses attract children with an opportunity to appear in somebody the fantastic world where things behave in very unexpected way. There is a lot of simple, but the tricks making an impression for children who are based on laws of physics and chemistry. Such focuses have great heuristic value as children, showing them, not only join a secret, but also in a game manner get acquainted with physical laws and chemical reactions.

2. For example, focus when liquid changes color. Take three tall glasses. In the first pour clear water, in the second – water with addition of vinegar, and in the third – soda solution. Take a vessel with violet liquid and pour gradually in each glass. Water will change the color. In the first glass it will become red, in the second – green, and in the third same violet, as in a vessel. The secret of focus is in features of violet liquid – broth from leaves of a red cabbage. That to prepare it, boil leaves of cabbage in water and leave till the morning. This broth will also act as the indicator. In acidic environment – in a glass with vinegar violet liquid will become red, in alkaline – soda solution – green and, respectively, in the third glass, with usual water, broth will be oneself.

3. Some more amusing tricks. The first - a spoon on a nose. Give some tea in a mug, sweeten it, and then take out a teaspoon and apply to a nose, pressure her that it remained pasted. The secret of focus is that the spoon was really pasted - thanks to the sugar which remained on it when stirring. The second trick - a fountain from Coca-Cola. For it you will need this popular drink and chewing Mentos candies. Put candy in a bottle and depart far away. There will be a chemical reaction thanks to which of a bottle with drink the foam fountain will escape. For obvious reasons it is better to show this trick on open space.

4. Try to surprise children with focus "An obedient button". For this purpose take a glass with sparkling water, lower in it a button. At first it will drown. Tell her: "The button, upward" – it will rise to a water surface. After a while give team: "The button, down" – and it will obediently fall by a bottom. Focus secret: around the button which is at the bottom of a glass vials of carbon dioxide which lift it up gather, and you only need to say a sacramental phrase in time. Then bubbles will begin to disappear – and the button will fall again down. It will occur until all carbon dioxide evaporates.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team