How to learn to interpret dreams

How to learn to interpret dreams

People treat dreams differently. Someone considers them something frivolous, someone attaches great value. Anyway, having seen any dream, you can think whether this dream has a sense or it just reflects the course of your thoughts. Every time it is impossible to remember dreams due to various reasons. However it is possible to develop skill more often to remember dreams.


1. Before interpreting dreams, it is necessary to learn to remember them. Get a notebook for records. In it try to fix the dreams daily in the mornings. If any dream does not manage to be remembered, try to think of it later, during the day. Perhaps, it will be possible to reproduce it in thoughts later. As a rule, at least, separate parts of a dream are remembered. It can be certain scenes, words, phrases, images, landscapes, associations. By means of these elements of dreams it is possible to reproduce all picture of dreamed in memory.

2. In order that dreams were more often remembered, pay more attention to a good dream. Try to sleep in well aired room. The adult should stay in Morpheus's embraces not less than 7-8 hours.

3. Waken, without hurrying. Switch off the alarm clock, be tightened. Try to remember what just dreamed you. Many experts advise whenever possible to refuse the alarm clock as the sudden sound can serve as a stress for a brain and erase a dream from memory.

4. Now start interpretation of dreams. As many experts of this area consider, only the person to whom they dreamed as dreams are reflection of interior, its thinking, psychological qualities can be the best interpreter of the dreams. For the same reason sometimes it is not recommended to look for answers to the questions in dream books. It is more preferable to try to explain independently sense dreamed.

5. At interpretation of dreams use an intuition and common sense. Pay attention to the trifles in a dream and also which dreamed emotions. Emotions which you experienced in a dream can make sense and in real life.

6. Before looking for deep meaning of a dream, make the analysis of a dream at the simplest obvious level. If at such level it is impossible to interpret, it is possible to make more careful analysis.

7. In that diary in which you write down the dreams fix also the events which are taking place in a day. Thus, you will be able to see regularity of communication between elements of a dream and events in life.

8. Having learned to interpret the dreams, you will be able to make them the allies. By means of dreams you learn to understand better yourself, the experiences, it is correct to react to certain events. At the same time you remember that the majority of dreams can dream without any value. Dreams can become response to the seen movie, the conversation which took place during the day, the thoughts concerning the person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team