How to learn to swaddle

How to learn to swaddle

Disputes on need of swaddling are conducted for a long time. The diaper gives to the kid approximately the same feelings that he tested in mother's womb: heat, narrowness and cosiness. Swaddling can help the newborn to cope with successful adaptation after the delivery.


1. Take a usual diaper - cotton or flannel - it is desirable the biggest size. Put it on a changing table or other plain firm surface. Mentally halve material down and arrange the kid a tummy up on the left half of fabric so that its left handle was located along the imagined line.

2. Track that the upper edge of a diaper was slightly higher than edge of ears of the baby, approximately on one line with a nape. The widespread mistake is to stack the kid too highly in relation to the upper edge of material which remains lower than the level of a nape.

3. Take the left hand the near upper edge of a diaper and cover the child. Fabric will pass on diagonal from depth of a cervical fold to a hip of the kid, forming similarity of one of the parties of a collar of a men's shirt around a neck and covering one handle of the baby (right) which you at the time of wraparound hold with own hand (too right) at its pupochka. From below sprain a diaper under the newborn's bottom.

4. Now take the upper edge of the remained half of a diaper the right hand, hold with the left hand the free handle of the child at a navel, cover the baby on diagonal from a neck to a hip again, having wrapped material under legs. If all of you made correctly, shoulders of the child will be densely recorded and completely covered a neck basis dale with soft fabric. You will need only to wrap legs of the baby.

5. Straighten both hands two lower ends of a diaper which represents a trapeze with the wide basis now. Cover with material a body of the baby approximately to the level of armpits (in process of growth of the child this level moves to a navel). Wrap up densely on both sides fabric around the baby, at first on the one hand, then with another. Fill a corner of the top layer in lower (so fix a bathing towel).

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