How to learn verses with the child

How to learn verses with the child

Each parent always with pride and affection looks at the kid telling verses by heart. It is absolutely unimportant where it occurs: on a morning performance in kindergarten, before guests on a family holiday or in kitchen before the grandmother and the grandfather. Learning of verses by heart develops memory of the child, his outlook, forms the general level of culture of the kid. Learning of verses is given not to each child with ease. And for some children to learn the poem – the real torture.


1. That the child without problems learned verses at preschool and school age, since the earliest childhood, as often as possible, he has to hear cheerful rhymed nursery rhymes, riddles and rhymes. Over time they will be remembered in itself, and memory of the kid will train to perceive and remember rhymes.

2. If the kid to learn the poem categorically does not agree, mom needs to show sharpness and to outwit the child. It is necessary to tell the kid that to learn the poem at all and it is not necessary. Instead it is possible to play the game "Repeat after Me". Mom has to read, and better to speak by heart, on one line of the poem. And the child should it repeat. Such form of learning of the poem does not subject the kid to information stress.

3. Mom or dad need to find out also whether is in the poem of a word and expression, unfamiliar for the child. It is easy to learn it: at repetition of lines of the poem the child will confuse a word, unclear for it, and will perhaps refuse to say it in general. The kid should explain point of such expressions and to cite more examples with the use of an unknown word or expression.

4. To learn with the child the poem, naturally, should be begun with the first line. It is necessary to pronounce it with the kid until he does not tell it smoothly. After storing of the first line it is necessary to start learning of the second. When the child knows the first and second lines of the poem by heart, they should be connected and to tell already two lines together, etc.

5. If the child in any does not agree to learn the poem, parents can take a desperate step – its infinite repetition. It is necessary to recite the poem in the presence of the kid at any time, in any place, kind of for himself. Time 3 it is necessary to read it completely, further it is necessary to pronounce 1-2 of its lines all the time. Of course, you should not forget about intonation, feeling and a rhythm.

6. It is not necessary to learn with the kid more than two lines of the poem a day.

7. That the poem studied the child easier, it is necessary to pick up in addition to it various movements in a step: steps, cottons, swing by a trunk, etc.

8. When learning each line of the poem, between times, it is possible to play a ball. Mom or dad have to tell a line of the poem and throw a ball to the kid. The child needs to repeat and throw a line, at the same time, a ball back in hands of parents.

9. Easier to learn the poem, its plot can be drawn on paper in the form of the small comic book.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team