How to learn whether is enough for the child of milk

How to learn whether is enough for the child of milk

To learn whether is enough for the child of milk, very simply. Several signs from behavior and activity of the kid can report about it to you. However, you remember that these signs give full and reliable information only in case the child is only on chest feeding.


1. Every week weigh the kid. The child who is not lacking milk puts on the weight of 125-500 g in a week. If its weight does not grow – it is sign that he does not eat up, and a serious reason for concern on his health and development.

2. For the period of check refuse disposable diapers. You need to learn how often your kid pisat, and diapers do not allow to watch it. The healthy child who receives enough breast milk pisat about ten times a day. Urine has to be transparent, light and not have a smell.

3. Track what chair of the baby, who will also help you to learn whether there is enough for it milk. Right after the birth its chair has dark color which when receiving milk brightens subsequently and passes to light, yellow. The baby has to be emptied not less than 3-4 times per day. This quantity approximately in 2 months will descend to 1 time a day.

4. Pay attention to how the newborn sucks a breast. Important sign is pause length between sosatelny movements. During this pause the kid swallows of milk, and therefore, the it longer – the child receives more milk.

5. Remember that only above-mentioned signs fully demonstrate to whether is enough for the kid of milk. Do not give in to panic if milk from a breast does not leak, or it is not filled. It only means that your organism adapted to needs of your child, and does not develop some milk over this norm.

6. Remember that shout of the child does not demonstrate that he is hungry. For this purpose there is a mass of other reasons – to it can be wet, hot, the tummy, etc. can hurt.

7. Do not demand from the child that he slept all night long. Babies need night feeding, especially during the period of 3 o'clock and up to 8 o'clock in the morning.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team