How to learn whether the weight and growth of the child is normal

How to learn whether the weight and growth of the child is normal

Probably, feminine destiny disposed so that mummies worry absolutely about everything, as for their children. When breastfeeding, swaddling and the mode of a dream returns to normal, mothers begin to look for a dirty trick in something another. Practically interests each of them whether weight and dews of her kid is normal.

Increase in growth and weight on the first year of life

From the moment of the birth of the kid and before he is 1 year old, doctors will constantly control its weight and growth. If the strong deviation from the existing norms is noticed, the pediatrician will be able to make the diagnosis and to begin treatment.

The correct weight and growth of the kid can be calculated according to special tables in which it is written how many the child has to weigh and what has to be his growth in certain age. You should not forget that these indicators depend on quality of food and heredity. At improper feeding any child will not be able normally to grow and develop. And as for heredity, at undersized parents high children will hardly be born.

In half a year after the birth, the weight of the kid has to become twice more, than was at the birth, and in a year – is three times more. But there are always exceptions. Especially children on artificial feeding gain weight quicker, than those who are nursed. So, if you saw that the weight or growth of your child differs from norm for 6-7%, then you should not worry. This normal deviation.

How to calculate the normal weight and growth of the kid

After the first birthday there is any more no need very often to check growth and to weigh the child, but to watch compliance of weight and growth nevertheless it is necessary. It is easy to recognize norm of growth of your kid by such formula: age of the child * six + eighty centimeters. For example, if the child is 2 years old, his ideal growth is 92 centimeters (2 x 6 + 80 = 92). Up to 4 years children put on weight more, than on growth. Because of it some tots look chubby. In 4-8 years they grow quicker, than gain weight. The following phase of 9-13 years – an increase in weight, 13-16 years – big jump of growth. The ratio of weight and growth of the kid not always is an ideal proportion as everything depends on age. From the special table of weight, it is visible that in 1 month the child has to weigh up to 4100 grams, in 2 months – up to 4900, in 3 – up to 5600, in 4 – up to 6300, in 5 – up to 6800, in 6 – up to 7400, in 7 – up to 8100, in 8 – up to 8500, in 9 – up to 9000, in 10 – up to 9500, in 11 – up to 10000, in 12 – up to 10800. In 1.5 years the normal weight of the child is 11100-11500 grams, in 2 years – 12300-12700 grams, in 2.5 years – 13900-14300 grams, in 3 years – 14700-15100 grams. Blindly it is not necessary to trust tabular indicators nevertheless as some kids already at the birth weigh more than 3 kilograms, and some – at once 5 kg. Therefore, in weight they will have a different increase too.

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