How to learn whether your child lost interest in training

How to learn whether your child lost interest in training

To estimate whether training at school for your child became a tiresome duty, or it did not lose interest in training yet, our test will help. The main thing in this test that the child was sincere in the answers and understood values of all words in test questions.

Whether arises sometimes during training at school of feeling:

        often - 3   sometimes - 2   never - 1

  • Belly-aches                                                     
  • Eye pains                                                       
  • Headache                                                       
  • Desires to be bent                                                  
  • Rage                                                             
  • That life abandons you                                              
  • Pridavlennosti                                                     
  • Boredom                                                              
  • Pressure upon the person                                                    
  • That you got confused                                                     
  • The head goes around                                                    
  • Fatigue                                                       
  • Emptiness                                                           
  • You cannot remember what earlier read or studied                    
  • You think at a lesson of something foreign                                 
  • You are nervous                                                      
  • You cannot understand what is written or what is told by the teacher                  
  • You have a desire to cease to study this subject                      
  • You feel stupid                                            
  • You cannot apply what studied                                 
  • You study worse, than studied earlier                                   
  • There is a wish to sleep                                                       
  • You dream at a lesson                                                    
  • To study you it is uninteresting                                          
  • You skip classes                                               
  • You do not do homework as you strongly do not want it      
  • You try to get sick not to go to school                          
  • You begin to understand that this subject is not necessary to you                  
  • Sometimes you criticize teachers or think out to them nicknames                 
  • You break lessons or you not against when it someone does another           
  • You made some acts about which nobody knows                     
  • You just hate some teachers                                  
  • You just hate some teachers                                  
  • The school treats you unfairly                             
  • Some teachers do harm                                       
  • The school in general does harm                                        
  • Some teachers are guilty of that, how do you feel                    
  • At school in general there is nothing to do                                         
  • Sometimes you cram                                                   
  • You think out different cunnings that will receive a good mark            
  • You not up to the end understand what learned                                   
  • Your estimates in fact overestimated                               
  • If suggested to tell you the paragraph which you answered at a board earlier, you most likely, will not be able to make it                             

Now count points.

  • On - statistics the child who gained from 90 points and more does not like to study long ago as he ceased to understand the main school material a year ago, and in some objects a few years ago.
  • The child who gained 50 points and less, yet did not lose interest in training.
  • The child who gained from 50 to 90 points at school can be rather successful, but gaps have already an effect on knowledge. For example, in NOU "Experts" at the beginning of training the GPA of children made 99, and on completion of training of 37 points. It is possible to change a situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team