How to learn whether your child smokes hemp, or Be able to make out obvious

How to learn whether your child smokes hemp, or Be able to make out obvious

If the behavior of your teenage child from time to time seems to you not absolutely adequate, you should not write off everything for physiological features of awkward age. Look narrowly at the child more attentively – perhaps, there are reasons for serious concern.

It is required to you

  • - observation of the child;
  • - straight talk;
  • - tactfulness.


1. Pay attention to behavior of the child. Smoking of marijuana or as it is called still, hemp, causes slight euphoria, the general relaxation and a somnolence. In this state the people usually become more sensitive to perception of sounds. Fine details which remained unnoticed earlier are of particular importance. In a condition of drug intoxication the teenager can consider the situation surrounding it earlier not interesting him with pleasure.

2. Analyze how your child communicates with people around. In respect of social communications of people, smoked hemp, becomes more cheerful, sociable and even talkative. Feeling high spirits, he often seeks to give him to people around. In such state the decrease in level of aggression is observed.

3. Observe how the teenager eats. Even usual food under the influence of marijuana seems much more tasty, and the person can eat at one go the usual standard daily rate. At the same time noted general improvement of metabolism does not lead to overeating and an uncontrollable set of weight.

4. It is worth paying attention also that at high doses of hemp the subjective perception of time can change: some periods of time drop out of memory. The teenager will try to remember why he began any action or will not be able to finish the offer begun with it, having forgotten what he began a thought with. Being on the street, he can suddenly begin to remember how it came to be here. Nevertheless, these feelings do not cause negative emotions as in a similar state the consciousness splitting takes place: got drunk kind of watches himself from outside. In certain cases it causes attacks of long rough fun, but in general control over the actions at the person is retained.

5. Show attention and to such symptoms of the use of marijuana as signs of a panic. Can seem to you that the teenager just plays the fool, but he can have actually a feeling of imminent danger, concern and a disorientation in space. Usually all this quickly passes after a mug of hot tea and the calming conversation.

6. External signs of smoking of hemp is expansion or, on the contrary, the narrowing of pupils inflamed, the red, slightly mowing eyes (the teenager can have some difficulties, trying to make a look normal); strong unpleasant smell of sweat; disorder of digestion, pallor of the person.

7. If your child late comes home, tries not to catch sight to you, you noticed one or several above-mentioned signs in his behavior or appearance, do not put a serious conversation away for later. Transition to heavy comes from "light" drugs very quickly therefore your help is necessary to the teenager already now. Besides, it is worth remembering that harmless hallucinogens do not happen, all of them perniciously are reflected in a human body.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team