How to learn whom your child will resemble

How to learn whom your child will resemble

There is an assumption that girls are most often similar to dad, and boys on mom, geneticists consider this assumption and confirm it only half. In fact boys as they inherit mother's one X – the chromosome rich with genes which are responsible for appearance are similar to mothers: a face form, a shape of eyebrows and lips, a section of eyes, skin color, etc. Y – the chromosome father's is poor in genes which are responsible for features. A situation at girls another, they receive from both parents on one X – a chromosome and therefore can resemble both dad, and mom.

It is required to you

  • - mom
  • - dad
  • - child


1. It is almost impossible to foresee color of eyes as genes are recessive "weak" and dominating. The kareglazost gene – dominating, goluboglazost – recessive. In case the child receives from one of parents a kareglazost gene, and from another a gene of a goluboglazost, the child will have brown eyes. And here what of these genes will get to the child it is simply impossible to guess because parents have both a gene of a kareiglazost, and a goluboglazost gene. The goluboglazost gene can be behind a kareglazost, for example, at dad. But nevertheless the most elementary regularity can be tracked. With dark eyes it is senseless to parents to wait for children with blue eyes, at brown-eyed with a shade nut or honey can be children with light eyes, but in most cases nevertheless brown-eyed. Blue-eyed and gray-eyed parents receive children with identical color.

2. The recessive sign is and blue color of eyes, and a fair hair. If parents have fair hair, then and the child will be born tow-haired. And if one of parents with dark hair, then and future child hair color or an average between hair color of both parents. A curly hair - the dominating sign if one of parents curly-headed, then future kid is curly. But it is necessary to consider also that children of Slavs in the childhood fair-haired, and by 10 years color get other shade.

3. And here the nose and ears will resemble more likely one of parents. If a nose large with a small hump, then it it is obligatory at the child because such nose dominating. Also the dimple on a chin, and big father's or mother's ears can devolve to the child.

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