How to lift a power tone

How to lift a power tone

Feeling of emptiness, labor apathy, fast fatigue – all this signs of shortage of a power tone. It is extremely difficult to solve any problems in such state. It is possible to raise tone level in several ways, for example, having changed a food allowance or having increased physical activity.


One of the main reasons for loss of power is violation of the mode of a dream. Pay attention, what time you find for a dream. Recovery of normal work of a body and a brain requires from 6 to 9 hours of a dream. At this time in a brain recovery processes proceed, and the body is in most weakened state. As a result the level of coordination and thinking of the person in the awake state return to normal.

Plan the accurate schedule of a dream and adhere to it. Over time your inner clock will be installed on this schedule, falling asleep and a prosypaniye will occur with little effort.


The constant passivity and sluggishness lower power generation in a body. Fatigue and unwillingness something is explained by it to do even if you did the whole day nothing. Force themselves to move as often as possible, it will encourage you and will raise a tone. As the movement it is possible to choose long walks or jogs, power or cardiotrainings.

In the first days for this purpose, perhaps, it will be necessary to make efforts, but over time the healthy human behavior develops into a habit. Your active life will become the norm.

Avoid dehydration

One of the most effective indicators that your power tone falls it is desire to drink. Even insignificant dehydration of an organism can lead to unpleasant feelings such as fatigue or zatumanennost of thinking. As soon as you feels thirst, drink a big glass of water, it will give you forces. Regular drink of water also reduces the level of day consumption of calories approximately by 9%.

Change the diet

The products containing sugar give to an organism a few forces, and their action quickly comes to an end. Try to pass to healthy food, refuse the products containing glucose, a maltose and sucrose. The only exception is the ribose. This sugar is produced by an organism, he participates in power generation processes. The ribose also is a part of some food. Try to replace coffee with tea. Unlike coffee, tea contains L-teanin which has the calming property. It lowers the level of a stress and promotes recovery of healthy mental activity. Eat more vegetables, seeds of sesame and pumpkin, cashew nuts. These products contain magnesium in the structure. It helps organism cages to develop more actively energy from food.


The lack of sunlight, short light day and polar nights can also be the reasons of decrease in a power tone. The winter period is transferred by some people quite hard, the lack of vital energy up to a depression becomes for them norm. To avoid similar problems try to go out of doors more often and as much as possible to use sunny days for walks. If there is not enough sun, complete a course of light therapy.

See a doctor

If natural ways of increase in a power tone do not help you, see a doctor. Tell how and when you have a fatigue, drowsiness, etc. Find out what factors influence it and what options of treatment suit you best of all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team