How to limit access for the child to the computer

How to limit access for the child to the computer

Unfortunately, there are more and more children ready day to sit in front of the monitor screen. Parents with alarm notice that their child, devoting all free time to computer games, does not communicate, does not read, does nothing, and finally – lives in the virtual world and does not develop.


1. What to do? To refuse computers, to break them – it is impossible. Having forbidden difficult technical toys, it is possible to make forbidden even more attractive to the child. It is necessary only – to limit one exit in time. It is even more correct to try to make so that by then when the child begins independently to use with the computer, it could not be infected with "virtual dependence" any more. For this purpose since early childhood develop imagination of the kid, you teach it to dream, dream. Impart to the child love for good books about which he will be able to tell the friends. Give to the little person the chance as soon as possible to understand that he likes to do: to draw, mold, design, climb and to somersault. Buy paints, brushes, clay, a mosaic, books training to burning out, drawing, cutting out, etc.

2. Remember that if your son or the daughter is not fond of anything, except the computer, speaks only about it, so actually it lacks attention of parents. Communicate with the child more often, discussing various subjects. Tell him about what you played in the childhood. Now on counters of shops many board games as modern, and it is a little forgotten which it is possible to be engaged in all family are presented. Suggest the child to do it together.

3. To distract the child from the computer, help to find to it new hobby, organize the maximum number of entertainments outdoors. Sign up it in some club, sports section, a circle of dances. Be engaged together with it: you make model aircrafts, play volleyball, you go to concerts. At least once in a week try to get out all family to the nature, to the park, in the museum or at cinema. Stock up with patience, treatment of the child from computer dependence – process long, much more difficult, than prevention.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team