How to limit access to children to the websites

How to limit access to children to the websites

The Internet is good means for training as contains a huge arsenal of useful information and also gives an opportunity of communication with friends. But except useful information on the Internet there are websites which it is undesirable to children to visit. Besides, long "walk" on the websites distracts the child from performance of school homeworks. Careful parents need to control surely pastime of the child on the Internet and also to limit it from excess information.


1. As the most effective assistants in these cases the special limiting programs developed by experts in the sphere of programming and information scientists and designed to control access to network act. Install on the KidsControl, Kaspersky Internet Security and/or Norton Internet Security computer. By means of these programs you can limit access to adverse resources according to different information categories, for example the "adult" websites, online casino and games.

2. Specify by a tick category of resources, access to which you plan to limit. New versions of the above-stated programs give also an opportunity of a task of control of access for children to the Internet on days or on hours.

3. According to statements of developers of these programs, the functionality of the web filter is based on the so-called base numbering several million websites. Also it is possible to refer the musical websites and video to categories of the filter.

4. Limit access for children to the undesirable websites, having connected a children's data plan which is offered by Internet service providers. It exists in two options: for audience aged from six up to ten years and from ten to fourteen. Access only to those resources which passed expert assessment of National knot the Internet of safety is provided for each age group, and are protected from harmful content.

5. Find for the child more time. Spending many hours at the computer, the growing-up child looks for answers questions on many questions for which often parents just lack time. Organize family visits of cinema, trips to the nature, play together with it board games. The deficiency of communication creates the need to spend the leisure-time on the Internet, communicating on various social networks. Limit need of the child to look for answers on the different websites, replace his virtual circle of contacts with full relationship of parents and children.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team