How to limit communication with the child

How to limit communication with the child

After the divorce of parents, the child it is necessary to live with one of them. The second parent pays alimony for his contents before majority. The child has the right for communication with both parents, has to know all the relatives and communicate with them. To forbid to do it of personal hatred or some own motives it is impossible. If parents cannot agree among themselves peacefully about an order and time of communication with the son or the daughter, then it solves district court with participation of tutorship and guardianship authorities.

It is required to you

  • - passport;
  • - statement in tutorship and guardianship authorities;
  • - statement in district court;
  • - package of strong evidences.


1. The divorce of parents painfully strikes weak mentality of children. The child equally loves mom and dad and is not guilty that adults could not live together. During such difficult period he needs to be preserved in every possible way against deep spiritual wounds and not to interfere with communication with other parent and his relatives. The rights of the minor to know the relatives and to communicate with both parents are fixed legislatively.

2. Often that parent with whom there was a child experiences negative emotions in relation to the second spouse, but it does not allow it to limit communication with the son or the daughter. Communication can be limited or interrupted only if it is for the benefit of the child. That to make it, it is necessary to notify in writing tutorship and guardianship authorities and to submit the application to district court.

3. For consideration of this case by court, it is necessary to produce the documentary evidence that restriction or interruption of communication with the child will correspond to the interests of the minor. It can be documentary confirmation that the second parent negatively influences mentality of the child, does not pay contents, is an addict or the alcoholic and keeps the appointment in an inappropriate look: in a condition of drug or alcoholic intoxication.

4. Only by a court decision communication can be limited or interrupted. In all other cases to interfere with communication of the child with the second parent or his relatives is illegal. The parent with whom communication is interrupted or limited can submit the counterclaim and produce the evidence that the son or the daughter need communication with it and that he is a worthy citizen for communication with the child.

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