How to limit the child in sweet

How to limit the child in sweet

As it turned out, thirst for sweet – not acquired, and inherited quality of the person. Scientists proved it. From the first day the child begins to drink maternal milk which contains lactose. It is known that lactose is a milk sugar.

How to limit

The child with mother's milk from the first day of the birth receives sugar. Also there is it since ancient times. But, unfortunately, the fact that children cannot live without sweet is a wine of parents. They give them the first candy, chocolate, a cake, etc.But absolutely it is impossible to live without sweet. Long ago it is known that the bans to good do not give also sense from them a little.

What should I do? Children's psychologists say that the child should not forbid the same candies absolutely. It is necessary to limit them. It is necessary to do it not only to parents, but also all those who contacts to the child - it is grandmothers, grandfathers, good friends of the family, etc. If parents limit the child in sweets, and the grandmother with the grandfather "overfeed" him, then he will seek to gorge on them for the future. The sense from such "restriction" will not be.It is impossible to punish or encourage with sweets. It can cause in the child the wrong relation to food in general.

How to reduce thirst for sweet

To reduce thirst for sweet it is necessary to follow some rules.

  • Accustom the kid to eat together with all at a table. Family lunches distract it from excess having a snack and thirst for sweet.
  • It is good if the child learns to eat on the mode.
  • It is not necessary to force to eat up everything that put in a plate. He knows when he is enough for it is. Constant overeating promotes that the kid will eat and muffle more often the appetite sweet.
  • It is very important to remember: never use sweet as an award, a consolation. It is better to caress, kiss, embrace the child, but not to put to it chocolate.

What to replace sweet with

If the child got used to sweet, then at once it will be difficult to disaccustom him to it. It is necessary to do it gradually. At the same time it is necessary to remember, as people around have to adhere to the same. For example, if at the end of a lunch the sweet dessert always moved, then, disaccustoming the child to sweet, refuse it. It can be replaced with fruit, nuts, cracker.The option with dried fruits, candied fruits is quite good. Upon purchase of food, pay attention to that sweets it was acquired on a minimum. Buy more useful products. Do not refuse to the kid sweet sharply and categorically. It can cause in it negative reaction. It will begin to use cunning and do everything to catch it at any cost, up to theft. Everything is good moderately.


Parents of the child have to be able to make the food allowance so that it was balanced. It is possible to include in it and sweet, but it has to be very little. It should not be harmful: it is a little marshmallows, fruit jelly, a chocolate piece, etc. It is desirable to exclude completely from the child's diet such drinks as juice from packages, sparkling water. In these drinks there is a lot of sugar.It is better to replace them with home-made compotes, fruit drinks which it is not worse than some store drinks. It is good if the child learns to understand that sweet is a food which cannot be eaten at any time. As well as porridge, soup, compote, it is necessary to use it in certain time and in a certain quantity.

It is very easy to get used to sweet, and to wean much more difficultly. But it is quite possible to make it if to set such object. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team