How to limit viewing animated films

How to limit viewing animated films

To allow the child to watch animated films for days on end there will be any careful parent. And still often it happens that children are accustomed to watch animated films over the put norm. Then it is necessary to limit watching TV.


1. At many parents the TV often serves for creation of a background during some classes: cleaning, ironing, cooking. Or parents when are busy with the affairs, send the child to watch cartoons that he became silent and did not get underfoot. Of course, if in the house the accurate framework in viewing animated films is not established, the child can watch them for hours. And then no arrangements and beliefs will work. Therefore the first point for restriction of viewing animated films will be to develop the rule, how many minutes to the child it is possible to watch TV.

2. At the same time it is necessary to consider also age of the kid: till 1 year of the child it is better to keep out of animated films and programs at all. Even a small amount of time alone with the bright moving pictures can overexcite its mentality. It is better to allow the kid to perceive the real world such what it is, but not via the screen. From 2 to 3 years it is already possible to watch animated films, it becomes one of elements of socialization of the child in the world, but do not allow to sit in front of the screen more than 15 minutes a day.

3. Matter not only that it is harmful to sight, but also that at this age the child actively studies speaking. Watching characters of cartoons with a bad articulation, the child will get used later to this model of speaking and will reproduce it that threatens with campaigns to the logopedist at the age of 5-6 years. Already today more than a half of all children suffer from logopedic problems and are not able to utter sounds because of viewing a huge number of animated films and a lack of communication with adults. From 3 years and before school age the child can spend in front of the screen no more than 1 hour, and from 7 years – no more than 2 hours a day, but also then it is necessary to take a break.

4. The rule limiting time of viewing animated films has to be very strict and should not change depending on your mood, a state, unwillingness to spend time with the child. It is impossible to use animated films as means of derivation of the child from communication with the parent. When you execute the rule of viewing animated films, the child will reconcile to it too and will not be upset, roll up a hysterics and to cry. In order that the child could control time at the screen, it is possible to buy for it hourglasses or to teach to understand usual. It will increase its responsibility and will reduce dependence on control of the adult.

5. Teach the child to be engaged also in another matters: let him independently draw, molds, makes, puts mosaics. Do not refuse to him communication with you: the child will always prefer to heartless viewing the animated film a game with mom or dad. Do not forget also that even small children need to impart a concept about duties, not only about the rights. If the child wants to watch the animated film, he has to not only show desire, but also something to help mom: to make a bed, to independently go to bed or place toys on regiments.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team